I'm just wondering if he keeps an extra pair of underwear under the costume

At least he's keeping them clean. I'm just wondering if he keeps an extra pair of underwear under the costume, or is he just rocking it semi-commando? The world may never know, out of some really raunchy fan art.DC Universe Online launches swiss replica watches next week, and Sony Online Entertainment saved the big man for last. Memorize his face; you'll be seeing a lot of him should you venture into the massively multiplayer comic book realm come January 11. The Center Of The DC Universe”The free fantasy video game Mabinogi has been out for a couple of years, entertaining players with the kind of swords and dragons adventure stuff lots of gamers like.

Now the developers are adding something even more fun: Shakespeare.First they're adding Hamlet, then Romeo & Juliet. You'll play as a supporting character during reenactments of the plays.Even though I understand very little about Mabinogi, a game I've never played, I'm charmed by every detail I've read about how these Shakespeare replica brand watches missions work.First great detail:By shearing play pages from the Paper Sheep roaming the new town of Avon, you will be able to create a pass to enter the Theater Mission.

From there, you will become an “actor” in a theater mission and you will need to complete objectives.Second great detail:The Hamlet mission includes a fight against ... this bear?The basic description of the upcoming Hamlet content is that the player will assume the role of a knight and witness the actions of the play from the sideline.Act V of Hamlet gets pretty action-packed, so here's hoping it's all fun to play. No word on when this is replica watch gift coming out, but it appears to be slated for the near future.You can have your Call of Duty map packs and extra Need For Speed cars. I love the idea of new game content being ripped from Shakespeare.

could there be a World of Warcraft or Blizzard Switchblade in the future

For instance, could there be a World of Warcraft or Blizzard Switchblade in the future, or perhaps a Switchblade that comes preloaded with Valve's game-download service Steam.Krakoff says they haven't cut any deals yet, but that they're showing it around.Valve's Gabe Newell seems extremely impressed with the devices potential, he said. The replica Omega 1376.71 Ladie's watch famed developer wanted to know if the device really worked, if it was doable.Krakoff says that they're shooting for a system that will be able to play most games when it hits, but likely not something as high end as the latest Crysis.Another significant question is how much Razer will sell the device for.

Krakoff wouldn't say, but with Netbooks hovering in the sub-$500 range, I'd think the Switchblade would have to be in there too.”Torchlight? Yes. Bejeweled Blitz Live? Probably. Beyond Good And Evil HD? You bet. Some bad Chinese Kinect knock offs? All this and more, thanks to a weekend spent at CES 2011.I'll spend much of my replica Omega 1372.70 Ladie's watch weekend cruising the halls of CES, looking for games, curiosities, and photo opportunities, but tonight (at least) I'll be playing some of Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Live Arcade games. Once CES is one, I'll also spend some time with Mass Effect 2 (really must finish this thing) and some Drop 7 on my iPhone.

That's a great game, by the way, something I hope you managed to buy while it was on sale.But enough about me, what are you playing this weekend, Kotaku readers?"Halo's Master Chief modeling the trademark shorts worn by Arthur in Capcom's retro classic Ghosts 'N Goblins. As seen on the Twitter feed of Halo creators Bungie replica Omega 1372.10 Ladie's watch Studios."One would think that after more than 70 years of fighting crime on Earth, someone would have worked up the courage to tell Kal-El he was wearing his underwear wrong. Behold Superman, in all his DC Universe Online glory.I guess when a guy is strong enough to bench press the planet you allow him his little eccentricities.

But Razer isn't even sure they're going to be able to sell the Switchblade micro laptop

But Razer isn't even sure they're going to be able to sell the Switchblade micro laptop.Robert Krakoff, president of the computer accessory company, tells Kotaku that a lot is still up in the air about the slick prototype that's garnering a lot of buzz at this week's Vegas show.Razer hasn't settled on the system specs of the replica Omega 1267.70 Ladie's watch Intel Atom chip laptop, or the price, or if they'll be able to solve a heat issue they're running into.If the hurdles can be overcome, the device looks like it could be the perfect traveling companion for the PC gamer on the go.The device, about the size of a small hardback when folded up, opens to show a 7-inch touchscreen and a smallish keyboard.

The keys on the keyboard can all change on the fly to show anything from a standard text English-language keyboard to gaming icons to anything picture a modder whats to slap into a key.Instead of relying on an expensive array of tiny LCD screens built into each button, the Switchblade has a second 7-inch LCD located under the replica Omega 1267.30 Ladie's watch keyboard buttons. The LCD can show a different picture for each button, which is projected up into the suce of the button, delivering the same effect as the mini-LCD approach.Krakoff said they haven't decided yet if the device will be upgradable or have fixed system specs, but judging by the complexity of the design, I suspect it will shipped with a fixed chipset and memory.

We know it will have an Atom CPU, perhaps in the 2Ghz range, but we don't know how much memory yet.Krakoff added that the device will have USB ports for a mouse, if someone wants to use one to game with. It will likely also have replica Omega 1562.40 Ladie's watch Bluetooth support, WiFi and perhaps built-in mobile broadband support.It also seems that Krakoff wants to make sure the Razer device has significant support within the gaming industry before they launch it. I asked if there was potential for the device, which runs on Windows 7 and has a custom user intece, to be branded.

Nintendo hasn't revealed game prices in America or Japan

Nintendo hasn't revealed game prices in America or Japan, but the Inside Games report signals that software may cost more on the 3DS than on the DS. In the U.S., top DS games often go for about $30-$35.(In Japan, the 3DS will sell for 25,000 Yen or about $300 US; there's no hardware price confirmed for the U.S. yet.)Inside Games also replica Omega 1262.15 Ladie's watch reports that the 3DS will launch in Japan with 10 games. Nintendo is showing more than that during their Tokyo event this weekend, a sign that the glasses-free 3D successor to the DS is still getting a lot of support from game creators.The 3DS is scheduled to launch on February 26 in Japan.

It'll be out in America in March, though we don't have an exact date or price (presumably to be revealed at a 3DS press event in New York City on Jan 19).A spokesperson for Nintendo of America was unable to comment on these details which, it should be clear, were not announced by Nintendo in Japan.Nintendo's 3DS event in Japan — Nintendo World 2011 — kicks off in just a few hours. We'll be keeping an eye on it replica Omega 1277.70 Ladie's watch and letting you know the latest about the games and news coming out of it. [Inside Games, via Andriasang]”Why spend mere hundreds of dollars on a fancy flight stick for your flight simulator needs when you can spend thousands on Saitek's Procedure Trainer, an insane collection of instrument panels, yokes and rudder pedals?

Mad Catz is showcasing the latest, impressively expensive Pro Flight controller set up from Saitek at CES 2011, a staggering pile of panels, switches and controllers that demands 18 USB ports and costs a cool $5,000 USD. The whole rig, as seen here, supports two flight yokes, up to 10 LCD instrument panels, two radio panels, a backlit information panel, rudder pedals and more for the ultimate in flight simulation at home.Not included in replica Omega 1272.75 Ladie's watch $5,000 fee is a TV or PC, however, so dig a little deeper.Mad Catz's Alex Verrey walks us through the features of the Procedure Trainer while Nicki Repenning lands a Cessna at Las Vegas' McCarran Airport in Flight Simulator X.”Perhaps the most innovative bit of gaming tech at this year's Consumer Electronics Show is a palm-sized, touch-screen gaming PC that comes packed with a keyboard that can transform on the fly.


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The 31 year old South African star, who has won best actress Oscar for Monster in 2003, was paid “substantial funds” for use of her photographs in its advertisements. replica Bedat 308.011.309 Ladie's watch Proof of her wearing a Dior watch at a film festival news conference in Texas was part of the exhibit.David Jaroslawicz, the company's lawyer, said: "She has two hands and felt she could take money from two places at the same time."Via UK Telegraph

We actually had the chance to preview the FROG Replica Omega Seamaster Mens Watch 2262.50.00 back in Basel and we can say that this is a welcome refresh to the HM3.In fact, the HM3 has always played second fiddle to the other two horological machines in our minds, but with this goofy and amphibious twist, this machine is right up there with the greats.For more pictures of the HM3 Frog and a video of a traditional HM3 on a watch winder, click through.Hodinkee in MB&F, MB&F HM3 Monday, May 3, 2010 at 8:15AM